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              Webinars: Keep your scientific knowledge up to date

              Learn about innovative lab productivity solutions from our technical experts.

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              Our new K6460 LC/MS system for clinical diagnostics labs

              Introducing Agilent’s all-in-one, fully validated, easily implemented LC/MS solution.

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              Safeguarding our most precious resource

              Learn more about Agilent ULTRA chemical standards for testing water.

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              Connecting analytics to action

              Justify Capital Expense, OpEx and productivity decisions using fact-based data.

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              Switch vials and reduce operating costs by 25%

              Our customers reduced operating costs by up to 25% by switching to A-Line Vials.

              See the proof


              New Custom Standards Ordering Tool

              Use our dynamic tool to receive instant quotes based on your inputted specs and quality needs.

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              Now Part of Agilent

              BioTek Instruments

              A global leader developing and building innovative life science instrumentation

              ACEA Biosciences

              Pioneer of high-performance cell analysis platforms for life science research.

              ProZyme, Inc.

              Now Agilent covers the complete glycan analysis workflow.


              Developer of simplified and integrated LIMS and ELN laboratory software solutions.

              Featured Events

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